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I’m always gonna wanna make it move..

When one loses a parent, life seems to go into an unrecognizable mode, for a while.  Some days you don’t know if you’ll ever feel 1/2 normal again.  It has taken me just over a year to be able to function, at full capacity, again.

Amazingly, in that year, I’m not sure how I accomplished anything.  I did do the best thing I could do, for myself.  I went back to the pyschiatrist.  It was my chance to just focus on me and work on climbing back into the world I once could run through.

I will always be saddened, that my dad chose to hide his illness from me.  I will always feel that I lost my chance to really show him that I could be a successful daughter.  All I can do, now, is keep trying to be the best I can be.

I can put one foot in front of the other, make goals, and choose to show up, in my life, everyday.  It may seem very simple to some of you.  I wouldn’t say its been so simple, until recently.

Just as I started to recover from this hard hit, my blogs were hacked, and everything that I once was.. that I could show as my identity was threatened, then crashed.

I’m back now.  There are always going to be mountains I want to move.  There are always going to be struggles to get where I want to go.. but I can do whatever I set my mind to.. and I’m doing that, little by little.

I’m back on track.. moving along.. and each new day opens many great opportunities.


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