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Planner, Calendar, and Coupon Binder

I really didn’t want to buy another planner.

I really needed to get my calendar and planner organized.

I really didn’t want to buy another planner. Oops. Sorry. *wink*

So I go to Staples.. The Boy needed to meet someone there, to pick something up.. so I’m feeling rather proud of myself that I know where my Staples Reward card is.. I check.. I take it with me..

so far so good..

I find this binder, that I love.. I hate that its made in China (MIC) but what can I do? I don’t want to “make” a binder.

It was really hard to take photos of it, while its empty, so I’ll share the photo on the front, that shows better the features. The accordion file part is detachable and slides into the front of the binder, secured with velcro.

All I really need to find, now, or make, is a full page sized pencil type pouch organizer thingee. The Boy says he has one, in red, so I can’t wait til he brings it to me.. to see if it will work out.

I found this calculator, that folds closed. I wish Staples would have given me some sort of discount, on it, for sporting their logo. I hate free advertising, like this. I’m so glad that I don’t have any of it on my vehicle.

The picture that I took, of the paper cutter tool, won’t upload without rotating direction, so I went and stole this one off the 3M website.
It has a ceramic tip. Of course, I have no idea where my smaller self-healing mat is, to add it to my binder. It advertises that it can easily open cd and dvd packaging. That’s always going to be helpful. (Do I buy those things?)
When I put the stuff up on the counter, I found my Staples Reward Card and put it on top. I paid for my purchase, just as the lady behind me, put down two calculators, that I had searched the store for.. so I put the items into the zipper of the binder, left it and the receipt with the cashier and headed back to find the calculator.
When I got back to the counter, to purchase the calculator, I couldn’t find my Staples Reward Card. Not only was it not in my pocket, not in the new binder, with the stuff I had set it on, but the cashier also points out that its not credited on my first receipt.
So where the heck did it go? Who knows. Now I need to research how to add my purchases to it, replace it, and hope that the phone number attached to it belongs to a phone I still own.
Where was my EASY button? :)
I did not buy a new planner. I did not buy a calendar. I knew I’d have to make it myself, which I was dreading.
When I got home, though, I ran into! What a life/timesaver this site is going to be, for me. Household Planner, Calendars, HomeSchool Planners, Forms to print, Word Tutorials to add graphics to them.. Full page size, half page size..
I’m so happy!
Now where are the baseball card sleeves for this binder……
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