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Thanks for the Sloppy Joe’s Heather

I can’t eat the “canned sloppy joe stuff.”  Besides disliking the taste, there are too many ingredients that give me a headache, in it.

sloppy joes

The best use of Sloppy Joe’s, I’ve ever experienced, was potluck style, at a HomeSchool Association camp-out.  After setting up camp, its dark and everyone is tired.  The meat was kept warm in crock pots and we just put out a bunch of accompaniments.  Its always a go-to potluck meal.

When I was in the midwest, it was served to accommodate out-of-town relatives, that were arriving at alternating times.  They called it “BBQ.”

No matter what you call it, this recipe is a winner.  We added granulated garlic, and didn’t add the Montreal seasoning, but next time I’ll try it with Toronto Seasoning (Whole Foods version of Montreal Seasoning.)

When Heather posted her version, we were happy to try it.  One word: YUM!  Pop over to Home-Ec 101 for the recipe. 

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