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Secret Confessions of Blue

I have some quirks.  Don’t laugh, yet.

I don’t eat Blue M&M’s.  I don’t know why.  In my mind, they seem to have more dye, in them, than other colors and I find it offensive. (Two times, recently, I’ve eaten blue M&M’s.  In a movie theater, I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see what color any were.) Okay, now I’m laughing at how stupid that is.

It’s really about the blue.

In the 1980’s my life was True Blue and Mauve.  Wasn’t yours?  Yeah, well..

I get irritated when I check into a resort or hotel and the sheets are blue, too.  Baby blue is the worst color for bed sheets.  Who thought of that?

I don’t mind blue/white or blue/cream toile in those rosey patterns.

I own blue dishes.  I eat off of them.  I serve on them.  I don’t really like them, though. (Oh, I forgot.  There are some all blue dishes, in there, that I don’t use.  The cat doesn’t mind drinking or eating from them, though. The cat needs an intervention.)

My gmail has blue over-tones, right now. I think its the theme I picked.  Even my star is blue.  I hate it.

I hate blue themes, too.  I’m typing in a blue theme.  Why are so many themes blue?

About the only thing I love blue, are eyes.  That has something to do with God, though.  God made that decision.  Who am I to fuss about blue eyes?  I can’t change that or avoid it.

The most horrid gift I could ever receive, would be one of those big banks that look like an M&M.  a Blue one.  I don’t much care for practical jokes or gag gifts.  You’ve been warned.  (Don’t waste your money, please.)

Blue is a conspiracy of sorts.  Its everywhere.  Oh, and denim doesn’t count.  I love denim.

So, please.. Hold the Blue.


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