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Going back to College Nightmarez

I thought it might be nice to keep record, in blog, of my plans to go back to College.

I thought I might skip putting this into blog, because it has truly been one nightmare after another, to try to get enrolled at TTC.

Communication is a hard thing to do on the campus. One person tells you something, that another tells you, differently, the very next day.

I did much better on my entrance exams, than I thought I would do.. I guess all these years of homeschooling has kept much, fresh, in my mind.  I remember zero Trig, though.  Hmmm to that.

I was able to go to a live session of orientation, even though I really wanted to go against what I was being advised, and have online classes.

I found the building to get my catalog and started to get a feel for what I really wanted to do.

This morning, I went to see my advisor, of the wrong program, to see how to get my program change.

I ended up at the Registrar’s office, filling out a form and turning it in to find out that its the wrong form and being pointed to the next form, to turn it at admissions.

I get the new form accepted and off I go to orientation building to get a new advisor.  They will have one for me in the next few days.  Completely unacceptable.

I go to the building where the advisors are and find a very helpful advisor.  All of my classes are online.  Two are fast tracked.  I won’t have to endure the snore class of beginning keyboarding.

For the second time, now that all my ducks should be in a row, I go to Financial Aid.

Now, the fun begins again.

When I was there two weeks ago, they could have given me the information they gave me, today, and I would have been better prepared for this random verification I’ve “qualified” for.

Not having a 2009 W-2, I was faced with calling them and waiting up to two hours for the FA office to receive it, for me.. or take care of it on my own.

So, I came home and took a nap.  I just got off the phone with the IRS.  I waited 20 minutes on hold, gave info to this nice lady for 10 minutes, and was put on hold for verification.  She has all my information, including my fax number.

After 1 minute on hold, the kind lady, now frazzled, comes back and tells me that there is an emergency in the building and they are being evacuated, to please call back.

And this is where I sit.

I’m going to have to pay for my tuition and books and wait for reimbursement, already.

Now, I have to start the whole IRS call over again whenever the bomb squad, or whatever, is over.

Makes you wanna go back to school, now, doesn’t it? 

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