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Back-to-School Update

Well..  There is an end to the nightmare that was called registering.

I happened to be part of the 30% that had to verify my FAFSA with the Financial Aid Department.

I hadn’t dreamed I was going back to school, by July 9th, which is the first cut-off date for financial aid.. so I had to buy two of my books, outright, yesterday.  (They only had two of the four I needed.)

Cha Ching $252.52!

I still must say I don’t know much about how the grants and loans work.  Yesterday, I was told that it would take a week and that no funds would be available, for me, for books, until next Wednesday.

School starts Monday.

I’ve never taken an online course before.  I have no idea how this will work.  Everything, on the schedule is still TBA.

I hope I have the right books.

This semster’s courses:

  • English Comp 101
  • Marketing: Customer Service
  • Fast Track Keyboarding
  • Microcomputer Word Processing
  • Fast Track Introduction to Computers
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