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k12 charter school

We’ve decided, this year, to enroll Girlie into the K12 Charter HomeSchool program.  Keeping her schedule straight, is harder, for me, than I think it is for her. I’m now carrying two calendars, and a third to leave at home.

All these online classes to keep straight for both of us has my head spinning.  Yesterday, we lost internet for one of her class connects.  What can we do?  Today, a teacher dropped internet during a class connect, with nearly 300 students there for Orientation.  Glitches happen.

Her subjects include fast tracked or block courses of Algebra and Geography/World History, Biology, and Physical Education.

I think we are working through the kinks for attendance.

The early morning seminary class is at 6:30am, this year, so that’s been a little more helpful.

Oh the fun joy of starting school, again.

I saw Fall decor at Walgreen’s last night.  I’m not ready for *that.* 

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