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Home Made Cleaners Examined

de: Struktur von Zitronensäure; en: Structure ...Image via WikipediaI’m going through some changes.. in my HM cleaning type recipes..

HM Dishwasher Soap
I’ve been stretching my powdered Cascade, for about a year now. I did try to just go to HM powder, but the film, on the dishes just wasn’t working. Even white vinegar was not helping the film.

Upon some research, I noticed that many others were mixing Dollar Store Dishwasher Soap, with their borax and baking soda, to cut the film. I just kept buying my powdered Cascade at Sam’s, and used it as one part, of three..

  • 1 part Cascade Powder
  • 1 part Borax
  • 1 part Baking Soda

I am going to experiment, now, though, with Citric Acid, in place of the Cascade. Citric Acid is the common “dishwasher cleaner” ingredient.

I bought some from WholeSalesSuppliesPlus and then misplaced it.

I picked up some Lemi Shine. The website says to not use it on aluminum, removeable stovetop components, nonstick cookware, painted dishes, or fine china.

Have you ever covered a casserole, with tomato sauce, of any type, with aluminum foil? (Catsup on meatloaf?) Notice the spots and chemical changes to the foil when your dish comes out of the oven? This is the same chemical reaction that will occur with citric acid and aluminum cookware. My garlic press is aluminum and turned black in my dishwasher. Yuck.

Aluminum Foil needs to not be used with fruits and acids, and tomatoes are a fruit.

The only chemical reactions, on my cookware, that I’m interested in, are those that help me.. like cleaning copper bottom cookware with salt and a lemon half! Now that’s how I wish all things worked, in the clean department.

Anyway.. I’m going to try this recipe, with the lemi shine. (I have found the citric acid, and will be trying it, after this Lemi Shine is gone.. )

The Lemi Shine website has many useful alternative uses, for their product, too, like cleaning coffee pots, garbage disposals, shower doors, and toilet bowls.

Fabric Softener

When I first started making my own laundry soap, I started using White Vinegar in the rinse cycle and then in the Downy Ball. I have, since, successfully used the blue dryer balls. I’m also going to work, this week, on my wool dryer balls.

But, I need something for clothes that do not go into my dryer..

So, I’m going to experiment with this.. Annie says, however, that it doesn’t work well in the Downy Ball, so I guess I’ll go back to my 2nd Rinse feature, that I so love on my washing machine.

I’m going to use my old Fels soap bars, for stain sticks.. before I experiment with the HM Shout recipe, above. But I wanted to share it, in case you don’t have old bars of Fels to use up, at your house. *giggle* (Doesn’t everyone have tons of bars of soap, like they could clean the whole neighborhood’s laundry, for a whole year?)

I’m having a world of trouble in my shower. In my rid my life of headaches, I battle with mold vs Chlorine Bleach. I’m hyper sensitive to both. I’ve tried hydrogen peroxide straight, in this shower. I’ve reverted back to Clorox, which you all must know, by now, that I hate.

I’m going to try tea tree oil, as suggested in Co-Op America:

Do you make your own cleaners or soaps? Do you have any non anti-bacterial recipes?
Have some tricks that really work?
Please share..

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  1. Mandy says:

    Thank you for the handy information! I bought 6 wool dryer balls 3 years ago and we LOVE them! I got them from They really do cut down on the drying time and soften without the use of softeners. My towels are soft and very absorbant now!

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