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I have had many dad’s in this lifetime.

“Dad” is a very special word, to me.

I met my biological dad when I was 18. Michael. We buried him last year.

I spent quite a bit of my young childhood with a step-father, I called, “daddy.” Kenny.

In my youth, I had my grandfather and a special proxy dad, for father/daughter activities, camp-outs, or dances. Phil Allison

I have had two fathers-in-law that I referred to or called “dad,” too. Mel and Bryan.

My mom had some special boyfriend’s, in her world, that treated me like a dad. Jimmy and Wayne.

I have a current step-dad, that treats me like a dad. Ernie

And, just recently, thanks to Google, I’m in touch with a man who helped to raise me from when I was a baby until I was a toddler. I consider him my “step-dad,” now, too. Dennis.

Blood relationships don’t make people dad’s. Good men make themselves good dads.

As my former family is gathering, in Minnesota, to lay one of the above dad’s, to rest.. my hearts are with them. I didn’t divorce his family when I divorced him.. that was the hardest part. He and I are civil friends. I miss you, my family.

Rest in Peace, Dad Burandt.

The bustle in a house
The morning after death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon earth,–

The sweeping up the heart,
And putting love away
We shall not want to use again
Until eternity.

–Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

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