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“Wait” is killing the Camels Back

I spent the whole weekend not knowing if I was going to be dropped, from my classes.

You see, every time I’m told something, at Trident Tech, I’m later re-informed differently.

I don’t really know what paper, she  help up, when she said, “with this signature, your tuition is secure, so don’t worry about the deadline.”

If it was a grant paper, I would have been dropped, because Friday 2/3 of my grants were denied.

Since I can still access the site, I’m assuming it was the paper for my loans.

I’m discouraged because today is the last day that financial aid can be used in the campus bookstore.  I was, originally, told, the week before school started, “You won’t be able to get your books, at the bookstore, until Wednesday.”  Wednesday came and went and there was no financial aid.

So I guess I’m just going to do my best and try to get organized with deadlines and assignments I need to accomplish.

One day at a time..


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