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Jihad doesn’t have to be a bad word

I  had to write an essay about Jeffrey Goldberg’s Inside Jihad U.: The Education of a Holy Warrior, today.

I pointed out that this article was written 15 months before the tragic events on September 11, 2001.

I was pleased to find a copy of the article, to link you to, so you can see that it wasn’t an easy thing for me to write about, with all the current talk about the mosque at Ground Zero.

In my essay, I explained that although this madrassa, and so many more, like it, do not teach terrorism, they leave the students with no rounded education to seek for anything more than being a terrorist and finding groups to join, in their hate quests.

You see, I know the difference between Muslims and Extremists. I have Muslim friends.  But, even my Muslim friends harbor more hate, in their hearts than I do, towards peoples or nations that they don’t understand.  I hold no hate in my heart.

It hurts my heart to hear that these boys and men, at this Pakistani Madrassa find Osama Bin Laden a hero.  It saddens me further, that I have Muslim friends whom I agree to disagree with, about the love they have for Saddam Hussein or even Hitler.  I cringe when they tell me what great leaders they were.  My heart breaks for them.  If only I could find a way to soften their hearts to more truth.

This all leads up to being introduced to this video, this afternoon:

I have voiced many opinions, on twitter, about this, but had not decided to blog about it, until right now.

It is only about respect, to me.  On the surface, Park 51 sounds like a great idea.  I just don’t believe it will be this great idea that it can be.

It is, absolutely, rude to dedicate and open the Cordova House on any anniversary of Ground Zero.

It is rude and disgraceful to think that a tall building, of this type, should ever shade or shadow any part of the sacred site that we call Ground Zero.  And its worse disrespect to ever hear a call to prayer, to this mosque, over Ground Zero.

We do not have a National Language.  A call to prayer, in Arabic is not unlike church bells calling Christians to service.

This Cordova House, that could teach so many about the good that Islam has and can be, will be overshadowed with the contempt that simply building it, there, brings with it.

A Jihad is a protector.  We are all Jihad’s in our own homes.  It doesn’t have to be the bad word that Extremists make it out to be. 

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