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Its time to wake up America

While I’m unsettled about the whole Ground Zero Mosque idea, I learned something, last night, that is so much worse.  Maybe worse isn’t the right word.  Because they are both equally an abomination to America.

It started with a twitter link here:

I watched the videos.  I hadn’t heard there was going to be a memorial in the shape of a crescent.  I didn’t know that all that symbolism was present.  The idea that all of this is a coincidence insults my intelligence, and should, also, insult yours.

A towering Islamic sundial is not an accident, by any means.

I’m, honestly, afraid to ask my Muslim friends how they feel about this.  I would hope that they could see the insulting consequences, but I don’t think they will.  I know how they feel about Islam.  They pray that I revert.  I know this.  This could only be seen as a victory to all Muslims.  Not because they don’t deserve the same “freedom of religion” that is granted to all Americans, but because they don’t believe in freedom of religion.

I’m outraged that President Obama hosted a Ramadan dinner.  It proves he’s an Islamic supporter.  I’m not against Islam, but the President of the United States needs to honor a separation of church and state, too.  I would be against any religious dinner he supported.

This is not about hating Islam.  This is about being ignorant to what is going on right in front of our eyes.  We still are hitting the snooze button.  Its time to wake up.

If it comes down to Arabic Call to Prayer being compared to Church Bells calling Christians to Service, I’d support stopping the bells.  That would make it equal, but sad.

Our founding fathers could never have dreamed we’d mess this all up so bad. 

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