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Why I Wist – a peek inside me

When I first found out about, I started adding fun things, to it, to give others an impression of what I like.. it was like a way to introduce me to others.. silently. I didn’t do it for gifts. I didn’t do it for the shopping aspect. I did it to share what I like, what I notice, what I see..

I didn’t really look at it as a shopping social network, because I didn’t really use it that way.

Last Christmas, I streamed my wist list, here, on the blog, because I was constantly being faced with answering questions that the wist list could answer for me.

And I got a camera, as a gift. Nice. Thanks family. I love you, too.

But, this year, I decided to add quirky fun things to my wist list, so others could see a side of me that no one knows exists..

I find it fun to watch, as someone, that knows me, checks this list out. The absolute amazed looks, of some of the sillier materialistic likes, that I have, teach others a new side, of me, that I don’t really talk about.

Now, after years of adding to my wist list and my Amazon Wish List, I find it funny to be asked what I want for Christmas.. or even better.. when someone says that I’m hard to buy for.. *giggle*

I’m not a very materialistic person. It has taken a major adjustment, in me, to be able to go virtually shopping, and tell this silly side of me.

I’m a blogger. I’ve been blogging for a very long time. CarolinaDreamz is about me. Everyone has their niche, and this is certainly not my only blog.. but this blog is my personal outlet, to show anyone, or no one, what goes on in my world.

I really do want to know your reactions.. even if its just as smilie representation of your first thought, or reaction.. I wouldn’t add a stripper pole to my wist list.. so its all good. But, did you know that they make portable ones that glow?? ~OH MY~ *giggle*

So, let’s look at my wist list, so I can confess some fun stuff, to you..

If you knew I wanted a pink/black baseball glove, wouldn’t you also want to know, of the many, which one I liked, the most? This list is like an insider peek..

Did you know that I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to a pink Louisville Slugger? Neither did I. I didn’t know I could get one so cheap.

Did you know that I used to have this fabulous large black ostrich feather duster? I absolutely loved it and it got old and became more of a problem than a help. But, I didn’t know they made white ones.. now I see this as decor, with some fluffy pink bow, or something.. I can clean with this little black one. I’m still looking for a large black one, like what I had.. and I’ll add it, as soon as I run into it. That’s how I roll.

While you are peeking at the dusters, did you see the powder puff? I so love this. I’d, of course, swap out that ribbon for some beautiful sage green and pink! Now, this is my idea of a practical gift. :)

Speaking of pink, did you know there are pink ostrich feathers? Me neither. I learned this today. I can’t wait to have some of those individual pink feathers…

Did you know I wanted a wand? Did you know I love lavender? Did you see the ribbon work? Love this.

The apron has sold. But I loved it. It was a perfect sunday afternoon, preparing for tea type idea.. its pretty. It matches my attitude and not my kitchen. My kitchen is red, by the way. Is there any other color for a kitchen? :)

Now, the one that is the most fun, to me.. is the Herbal Offering Stones. What a wonderful concept. I’m a crafty person.. I could make these. I think. I have no idea what they are made of.. I just love the concept and would love to know more things, like this. I have rose petals and lavender. I guess I could try to make these like bath bombs. They don’t require the fizz of citric acid. I’m going to try that, in a little while, and report back to you. *smile*

I terribly miss my Fairy Chair. I want to replace it. I think every garden should have a fairy chair. Really. I would love to see Blue Morning Glories climbing all over mine. Did you know that my favorite flower is the deep blue Morning Glory? Its really funny because I don’t necessarily like the color blue much. I’m working on a blue post, about more of this irony..

I add items to my wist list, so you can learn about me. No one really knows that I secretly adore paper roses, and that this is my favorite one, at Rhonda’s Rose Cottage Designs.

I’m all about handmade. I’m all about pretty. I’m all about pinks and sage green. I’m all about cottage roses.

I hate to shop. If you’d kindly go, right now, to, I’d really appreciate your help, with what you like. I mean it. Do it for mankind.

Where are your wish lists? Are there more I need to know about?

It doesn’t have to be fancy or froo froo.. it just has to be. There are practical things on my list.. I really do want reusable produce bags, the stainless steel lunch box, the sammich wrap, the extra cord for my laptop.. ooh, wait, I bought that one and need the other one.. I’ll go update that now. I’m still looking for the perfect reusable paper towels. Maybe I should just buy a serger instead?

My Wish List


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