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Financial Aid Fail

I managed back to TTC, to take a number, in the Financial Aid office, again.

The poor lady, behind the computer, seemed as baffled as I was, and much more polite than the lady letting me take a number, like I’m illiterate to read my file online.

After consulting with another person.. come to find out, with all the FAFSA proving (30% of FAFSA’s are audited and mine was) someone failed to have me fill out an application for my loan!

I’ve been waiting weeks for this loan to show up and I never filled out the application. I had to go take an entrance exam to financial aid loans and then fill out the application. Now I wait two more weeks.

What a mess. How does a first-year student read their minds? Because this is a huge oversight, on their part, in my opinion.

The last thing I was told was, “you won’t be able to buy your books until Wednesday.” Well, there was no loan for my books, weeks ago.

It wasn’t so freakish that I started with, “I just would like to know when I should panic that I don’t have a loan for the second half of my tuition?” Now, we wait, again. 

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