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Herbs a Plenty around the Garden


I would rather grow something we can eat, even if we don’t eat it.

Other than putting a sprig into a stew or under the skin of a whole bird.. I’m not quite sure what to do with Rosemary.

The Thai Basil smells spicier than the Sweet Basil and I don’t know how to use it, at all.

I learned, today, that my chives, that are in bloom, are garlic chives, because of the white flowers. I thought they were purple, last year. I guess I don’t know which are which, anymore, until they bloom.

That big pot of oregano, from last year, still looks great. I’m thankful to live in a climate where there isn’t a hard freeze to kill all the herbs, outside.

Now if the skeeters could just fly somewhere else.. :)



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