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10 Things I deeply miss about San Diego (Re-post)

1. The Food – 24 hour “real” Mexican Food drive-thru, Jack in the Box, El Pollo Loco, Shaved Ice in Mission Beach…

2. Dudley’s Bakery – Santa Ysabel and Julian – Apple Season

3. Malls – Seaport Village, Horton Plaza, Parkway Plaza

4. La Jolla Indian Reservation – Camping and Water Park

5. Tide Pools and Tourmaline Surfer Beach

6. La Jolla Cove

7. Balboa Park

8. The Zoo

9. Air Shows and The Blue Angels

10. Free Range Public Transportation

Please note that I don’t miss PetCo Park because it was built after I moved away. *sniff sniff*


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3 Responses to "10 Things I deeply miss about San Diego (Re-post)"

  1. Chuck Boyd says:

    So did you ever drive through the beautiful campus of USD?

    I started school at the University of San Diego in 1960 and – stopping to get married, work for the Union-Tribune and start a family – graduated in 1968.

    Very few of the buildings there had been built then. We had a College for Men and a separate college for women. Yikes.

    1. Hey Chuck. I, actually, grew up down the road from USD. I don’t think I appreciated that, as much, as a kid. :)

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