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Reading Moving On – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach is a genius! Anything with her name on it, will get my attention now.

I’ve been stuck, in my book, on the same “chapter” for over a week. It just spoke to me, and I couldn’t move on.

So, I read it again, this morning. How does it know me so well?

That section is titled “Bleak House” and starts, “I don’t know which is worse, remembering a painful past or ignoring an excruciating present.” Sarah painfully compares her present with her past, when she was in full “Simple Abundance” swing.

I don’t have to feel that I failed the path I wanted to be on, after reading “Simple Abundance,” because I’m just normal, from what I’m reading.

I gift that book because it speaks to me. Its a gift that I must share with every woman that I know. I can’t really explain it. But its in my BookCrossing future. Its just that good. I have a copy that I’m going to set free. I’m going to specifically set it free, on a journey that you will be able to continue..

“The chaos that engulfs me is so disheartening, it stops me dead in my tracks. I pick something up to put away only to look around in appalled fascination and set it back down somewhere else.”

I hate that I can relate to that. I hate comparing the girl that lives in my heart against the girl that lives in my house, too.

Somehow, this morning, I move on.. I read a few more chapters. Then I stop dead in my tracks.

“Clutter knows if you are an eBay addict..” What? I almost can laugh out loud.

I can’t do as she suggests, and take photos of my piles and messes. I don’t want them materialized in photograph.. a permanent mark on my stress. I know it is the start of a plan. A journaled approach to cleaning it all up.

I just can’t do it.

This is one of my eternal secrets. I’m going to take it with me. I may show you the “after,” but the before is staying my secret.

Yes. Its that bad.

Why do I find it so encouraging to read someone else’s failures at being who they want to be? I absolutely love that she isn’t trying to teach me to do something that she is a pro at. I don’t need another organizing book that I don’t read. Or do I? *giggle*

A couple of years ago, my mother joined us, in Florida, for our annual winter vacation. There was a messy stack of books on my vehicle floor, in the way of her foot space. All of them about organizing. It was the epitome of my whole life.

I will never have that linen closet of my dreams. My linens folded perfectly. Each set tied together with a vintage piece of lace or ribbon. Who does that? If you do, please send me a photo.

I pulled sheets, for my bed, from my tiny linen closet, in the hall, yesterday, and an avalanche of crap hit me, on their way down.. and they are still on the floor in the hallway.

That is my reality.

I didn’t put them back because as I spied what fell.. I didn’t want to keep what I was looking at. I don’t need those things. I don’t need half of what is in that closet. Its one of those closet’s, full of crap that you ignore. I can’t be the only one that hates mis-matched towels and pillow cases.

I opened some new packages of pillow cases that I found, sitting on a shelf, in there, too. As I put each new case on a pillow, I was upset that I hadn’t decided how to sew some fun decor to them, so I could use them, when I bought them, over a year ago.

I secretly also wished that I had opened them, before I put all my linens, from my bed, into the wash.. so they would come out of the dryer with the rest of it. But I decided I could worry about that another day.

Today, I am just going to enjoy them in all their plainness.


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