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My old Stomping Grounds. Where I grew up. (Repost)

I got this cute email, last week, about “If you were a girl in the 70’s,” much like this one, here. The big surprise was that it was from Susan Bebb. Susan? I didn’t know Susan had my email address. I haven’t talked to her in years, and we haven’t communicated since she cleverly sent me a calendar, of Hawaii, as a creative wedding announcement.

I am reposting this, for her.

Special thanks to Ted for Bloggin’ this to the masses. I had so much fun that I mapped out a story for you.

I played with Google Earth and found my old neighborhood.. my stompin’ grounds for so many years. My grandma’s house!

I highlighted some points of interest ~LOL~ We called Veronica “Ronnie”. Susan was only around for a couple weeks each summer and spring break. Her dad lived in our neighborhood. She and I are the only one’s still in touch, today (and the only two allowed in the Boy’s Only fort). This map is small and you can’t quite read my notes.. but other than the one at the top center.. showing the school.. the other’s aren’t that big of a deal.

Notice there is green at some surrounding parks but NOT anywhere on the grounds of the local elementary school? That’s right.. I’ve never seen grass there! Dirt is cheaper.

I had three girlfriends (Ronnie, Susan, and Tracy) in the 19 years that my grandma lived there. Each of them consume a season in my life and there was never really a time when I was with more than one of those girl’s at any given time.

Most of the time, I was the only girl with a neighborhood full of boys. What I didn’t point out on the map is that most of the boys I didn’t mention, lived down where the Boy’s Fort was. I lived in the fort with them and they did finally realize, at some point in our adolescence, that I was a girl!! LOL

Oh the good ole’ days when John Stamos sent me a post card and I screamed for three hours. The days before cars and “boys” really. Everyone always played down at my grandma’s house because she was home!

The only time that we were all ever “somewhere” other than playing kickball in the street, was when my mom piled us all into some cars and took us to see E.T.! (My grandma had the perfect city “land marks” for bases.. in a diamond.. 2nd base being a man hole!)

I went to this neighborhood elementary school for some part of Kindergarten (I went to many schools in Kindergarten) until the second half of first grade. I moved back to grandma’s and finished the second half of third grade through 6th grade graduation.

Here’s the commencement exercise poem I wrote when I was 11:

Sixth Grade was fun but now its done
We’re ready to move along
All things will be new in a different school
We’ll dance to the tune of a different song.

Kit Carson was fine and we leave behind
Memories to ever hold dear

We laughed, we played
We toiled through each grade
We learned day to day

Our teachers taught and we learned a lot
Now we are on our way

Kit Carson will be just a memory
We are filled with grand elation
We march along with joy and song
For this is our Graduation!

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