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This week in college.. Eng 101 Rant

I’m disturbed.

I mentioned this weeks readings, in a post, last week.

The problem is I’ve read half of them.

I feel like such a prude to say this.  There is a time and a place to read smut, if one so wishes to, but I’m not one of those someone’s and I’m disgusted with what I’m being required to read and write about in this “contemporary readings” book.

I don’t want to read about cut off penis’ in little bags, with herbs, preserved for burial with these “clean boys” in China, who didn’t need them in this life but need them in the life to come.

I’m known to drop an f-bomb or three, from time to time.. but I don’t appreciate reading about it, over-and-over in my English Composition book.

So, maybe the 1/2 of this week’s stories, I’ve read are the worst of them all, but I’ll only know that after I finish reading some more in this book that really disgusts me.

I think education has fallen off its rocker.

I don’t want to be reading Jane Austen or any English Lit, but damn!

On a lighter note, my financial aid is fixed and I can rest more comfortably, now that I can pay off my debt of my school books. 

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