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Brain Overload

I can’t imagine why my brain is on overload.

I have one camp and two conferences swimming up in there, that need to be blogged about.

I’m a full-time student.

I’ve met some fantastic people, in the last few weeks.

Have you ever been in a meeting and felt you knew a total stranger, before?  I was in a panel discussion sesssion, at #convergesouth, in greensboro and I just felt I knew this guy on the panel.  I don’t know why I felt I knew him.  He mentioned Silicon Valley.  Okay, a Cali guy.  He mentioned he worked at Yahoo.

OH MY GAWD.  When the panel ended, I cautiously asked, as I reached out my hand, “Ernie? Y360 Ernie?”

What an amazing experience.  My first blogging gigs were at Yahoo 360, until Yahoo “threw us under the bus.” and quit giving a crap about us, bloggers.

After Ernie was no longer an employee, of Yahoo, he became one of us bloggers, in distress. (I’m sure he wasn’t in the same type of distress. He was able to console us, though.)

I was friends with those that had gone to meet him.  The blogging community was like that.  You knew people through people.

And here was Ernie.  Right in front of me. Shaking my hand.  How absolutely fantastic is that?

It made the whole three weeks of traveling so worth every moment.  Root Canal and all.  Thanks Ernie. 

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