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30 Days of Truth.. Day 02 → Something you love about yourself

Day two and I may already regret committing to this series. :) (I’m just kidding.)

Something that I love about myself..

I love how easy I find it to forgive people when they’ve wronged me.  Literally, I can give someone else a clean slate.  Its not my burden to bear.

The downside to this forgiving nature is it can, often, be like pulling a hatchet out of your back and handing it back to the person who put it there, so they can put it back in, over-and-over.

I try to find the good in people.. their true potential, whether they realize it, yet, or not.  So, when I look at you, I may not notice that you lost 5 pounds but its not because I don’t care about you.. its because I see you perfect already.  Your kind of perfect.

Its not my responsibility to worry about you putting the hatchet back in my back.  That’s your responsibility.  If we all took better care of our responsibilities, we’d live in a much better world.


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  1. I like this exercise for you! In fact, I would like to just see you doing 30 days of things you love about your self. You are such a great person. You really need to concentrate on those positive things in your life.

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