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30 Days of Truth.. Day 03 → Something you have to forgive yourself for.

I have to forgive myself for giving up on my eldest daughter, Katie Lynne, and allowing her to move away, to live with her dad.

When you hold your brand new baby, you are filled with this instant responsibility of life-time commitment to this little person, for the rest of their life.

Most people see parenting as an 18 year commitment. Sadly, my daughter wanted to move to her dad’s before she turned 16.

At the time, when given all the reasons why he thought it would be a good idea.. when I was told of all the advantages that she would be given.. that’s all I could think about was that I wasn’t giving her up.. I was giving her more.

Now, as I look back at the empty promises that were made. Things that were promised for her that never had intentions of being given to her.. I realize that I should have taken a more active responsibility for Katie Lynne.

I wish, today, she came home, here, from her breaks at BYU-Idaho. That she considered my home, her home. I wish that I had always had better health and could have given my children so much more. I did the best that I knew how to do, at that time.

Now, considering all of this, I don’t think Katie Lynne would want it, today, to have been any different and I’m okay with that, too. I’d glad she has her daddy. Every little girl needs her daddy, no matter how big she gets.


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