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ALS is a fungus?? This Oncologist thinks so..

A couple of things are on my mind. One, I’ve lost all my ALS research when that blog crashed. Two, I was just in the Cancer Center, having an iron infusion, surrounded by people having chemotherapy.

I remembered these videos. You need to hear what the doctor has to say. This amazes me because you can’t make any pharmaceutical money with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) but here he says he’s, personally, seen it cure.

Just listen to what he says.. its worth your time. This could save lives.


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2 Responses to "ALS is a fungus?? This Oncologist thinks so.."

  1. Tony Steward says:

    I have cancer. It is reportedly Bowell Cancer that has attached itself to my liver. Initially the Cancer Clinic Oncologist told me I was “Old” (3 times during the first interview) She said my cancer was slow moving and I would probably die of Heart Attack or stroke before the cancer gets me. So gave me nothing. I have been seeing a Naturopathic Doctor who has given me a plethora of remidies.
    Last Monday, Nov 16th. The Oncologist started me on a new product “Octreotide” After one dose I was in great pain and had to be taken to Emergency at 1 am. Nothing was found in the X ray except that there may be some problem developing where my bowel was operated on and may cause a blockage. Otherwise. The Hospital gave me morphine for the pain and sent me home the next day.
    Now they want to try it again!!! I just Dont know
    Any ideas?
    I am 81, I work as a Tug Skipper for the Defence Department Out of 5 side effects I had 4. Headache,Diarrhea, abdominal pain and dizziness!!!!

    1. cdzsimply says:

      Hi Tony. I am not a licensed physician so I can’t tell you what you could or should do. I have read that doctor’s won’t have chemo, though. Best of luck to you with your health. Thanks for your comment. ~Heidi

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