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30 Days of Truth.. Day 14 → A hero that has let you down. (letter)

Dear Grandpa,

You spent many years, loving my Grandma, enough, to take care of her unruly daughters, and her innocent grandchildren, whenever the call was needed.

You were the only father that I knew, in daily life, throughout my childhood. You were my first date. You are my hero.

We stood, in the hospital, and cried, when I shared Colin Raye’s “Love Me” and we cried a little and you said you didn’t know how you’d go on without her. Grandma died a couple of days later.

You spent a lot of time with us in that following year. You grew very close to the great grandchildren but you had forgotten, during that year, to fill your pocket with tootsie pops, for them to secretly find. I didn’t blame you for this. I thought that life had to be difficult, enough, for you, being without Grandma.

Then you met Nancy. I knew that Grandma would want you to be happy and would openly accept this, so I had no difficulties adding Nancy to our thoughts and prayers, when you married her.

But, then, you disappeared. Nancy was the mother of my mother’s boyfriend and it seemed as if both you and mom had a new family that only excluded the grand and great grandchildren of Grandma’s.

Nancy had her own grandchildren that you took in daily, to tend, so their mother could work.

You didn’t visit us anymore. I still didn’t blame you. I was happy that you were happy. I was just discouraged that we weren’t welcomed into your new family.

I was in Florida when you passed away in California. I had seen you six months before, and you looked weak and tired. I didn’t think that I would see you, in this life, again, yet I wasn’t prepared for it being so soon. But, how special it was, to me, that you passed away the day before Grandma’s birthday. It made me feel that you could spend Grandma’s birthday with her.

I’m discouraged that you are not buried with Grandma. But, I know it would have been too difficult for Nancy. I just wish that Nancy could have included your old family into her life, as much as she did her own. That might have made it easier for me and my children.

I miss you, Grandpa. I miss all the padre games on your transistor radio. I miss going, with you, to the swap meet, when I was a child, and you’d give me a quarter, each week, so I could buy a new cookbook.

I’m happy that you no longer suffer. That your pains are less than they were in this world. I still dream about your smile.


(Grandpa and Grandma used to leave notes, for each other, on the kitchen table, throughout my whole life, signed, “Love, Me.”)


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