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30 Days of Truth.. Day 20 → Your views on drugs and alcohol.

This is another one of those topics that comes down to government control.

Did you know that anti-anxiety drugs are available over-the-counter in India?
Did you know that most antibiotics are over-the-counter in Egypt? Cox-2 inhibitors are OTC in Egypt, too.

I think there are people whose lives are saved with the strict controls that we have. I think many people can’t control themselves.

But, I find it sad that anyone who can is punished for that.

I live in contant chronic pain. I spent many days in my bed. Many! I don’t want to live on prescription pain pills, again, but I am having a really hard time living with this terrible pain, too. So, I don’t know where the answer lies.

I only have the option of pain management. Epidural injections into my spine and tailbone. The first bill was $700. Seriously. Now they will only be $200. Who can afford those types of treatments a couple of times a month? I’d like $35, 3 x a week for the chiropractor.

I, also, have a very strong feeling about overcrowding in our jails. I think a pot-user (not someone who deals to minors) but a simple user should be let out before a common murderer. And that’s not happening. Murderer’s are coming up on parole because of overcrowding.

I think marijuana should be legalized no different than alcohol. I wouldn’t use it. But is it any of the the government’s business, really? We have bigger fish to fry than this.

I think we need less control so we can have a smaller government, so it can cost less and we, as a country can spend less money on ridiculous endeavors. Police officers do not need to spend so much time arresting small time users.. they aren’t the problem.

We don’t need to be worried about citizens out of control (that should be illegal) but we all should be insured by Smith and Wesson too. *looking up at the ceiling* You know, for the zombie apocalypse!

Now, anyone have a valium I can have? (I’m kidding.) :)

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