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I didn’t fall off the Face of the Earth.. at least, not quite..

I’m finally feeling better and then yesterday a huge tooth filling fell out.

So in I went for an emergency walk-in with my wonderful dentist, who told me in Facebook Message that he’d be in at 8:30am.

This tooth is behind the eye tooth, desperately needs a crown and probably needs a root canal first, because of the pain problems that it has.

So, we had a couple of options.

First, we could root canal the tooth and temporary crown it until January, with more insurance available and do a three tooth bridge.

Second, we could extract the tooth, leaving the eye tooth (that also needs a crown) and the molar behind, that also needs a crown, as the major holding spots for a four tooth crown.

When weighing the financial options, now that I have no insurance left for this year, it seems as if it will all cost pretty much the same thing, no matter which one we choose.

With new insurance, in January, its possible that the new tooth extraction and the tooth extracted, next to it, could be considered “pre-existing.”

Story of my life.

So, they will pay 50% of the first and last crown and nothing towards the two teeth that form the bridge.  Again, really, the same amount of money.

So, right now, I have tooth putty in the lost filling. I’ve started anti-inflammatory steroids and antibiotics.

Tooth will be extracted, Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, with the wonders of nitrous oxide.

By the way, I have the best dentist in the world and I’m so extremely thankful, Jason!

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