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The new form of DeadBeat Parents..

I’ve been wanting to blog about this subject for over a year but it was hard for me to consider that I really might tick some people off by what I’m going to say.

Wednesday, I pulled into CVS, next to a car that was running, with rather loud music playing. The ONLY real problem I had about this is there was a child in the back seat, by himself. I want to say he was five or six.. but what is wrong with people? You can’t just leave them to run in and get something at a pharmacy.

I’ve, recently encountered a worse situation, outside of Blockbuster and BB’s attitude about the “problem not being their problem” pissed me off even more.

Both of these times I didn’t have my cell phone on me, by the way.

Back to the BB. There appeared to be a newborn to 3 weeks old baby in a carrier, backwards, IN THE FRONT SEAT. And a three year old playing in the back seat. Car was not running. Windows were slightly cracked. It was incredibly hot outside.

I walked into the store to see if I could spot who owned these abandoned babies and it didn’t take long as there was only one shopper in the store. When I made a stink about calling 9-1-1, Blockbuster wouldn’t let me use their phone and the man told me to mind my own business. (The lady behind the counter at the BB went back to ask a manager if I could use the phone. She returned with, “it is our policy to not get involved.”

Hello Netflix. Goodbye to crappy businesses who don’t find child abuse important enough to let me just use their phone.

As a mom, I think worrying about these kids who’s parents are so deadbeat, is my job. Someone has to give an innocent child their rightful voice, too. And besides, I’m mandated. I can’t just ignore stupidity or children will die.

The only thing I could do was talk to the little boy through the glass, to keep him company and then I went home and called the sheriff. I had the license plate number and they said they would send a patrol car to the residence listed, but that they had no way to know, i if that’s where the guy lives. They said they would serve him warning and they told me to make sure to have my cell phone, in the future. There are substations all over and unless a public official (police officer) see’s this happening, when it happens, its not prosecutable. Isn’t that lovely?

Now its only child abuse if an official witnesses it? Now its only a crime if a police official see’s it with his own eyes. How absurd.

30 witnesses wouldn’t have mattered. Our laws are so quacked.

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