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Serrapeptase Lowered my Cholesterol 32 points!!

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Its strange to write about a topic that isn’t new to my blog, but is new because its lost somewhere in the crashed blogs.

I first ran into the name “Serrapeptase” when researching for natural remedies for sinus troubles/infections. Serrapeptase, in case you aren’t aware, is the enzyme silk worms use to get out of (dissolve) the cocoon.

I tried several different products and found some amazing relief from the particular brand called Doctor’s Best.  Each coated tablet is 40,000 Units, which is really foreign greek, to me. I’m just the messenger. :)  It is coated so it won’t dissolve in your stomach, but wait to get to your intestines to work.  If you eat with it, it will work on dissolving the food you eat with it, instead of getting into your bloodstream and doing its wonderful dirty work.

I started taking Serrapeptase over a year ago, like I mentioned, for sinus infections.  I would take 2 tablets, three times a day, for about 2 or 3 weeks. I’d stop taking it when the sinuses seemed better.  I’ve treated a major sinus infection with this.. and felt its miracle working power.

I didn’t notice the first wonderful side-effects I was feeling, until I had taken a few rounds of this enzyme.  Every time I stopped taking it, my general joint and back pains got worse.  Or so it seemed.  As time passed, I was able to recognize that the pains were actually lessened when I was actively taking the Serrapeptase.

About two months ago, my doctor ordered a blood panel of tests.  My cholesterol came back 214.  He started to talk to me about statin drugs, which I’m adamantly against.  My research and personal witnesses to the series of health issues that seem to start like dominoes falling, start with cholesterol lowering drugs..  then hypertension medications.. then diabetes medications.  There is too much coincidence to all of today’s health circumstances to this witness.

Anyway, I came home, with an appointment to go back fasting for more blood work.  I started doing some research for what I could take instead of this pharmaceutical drug this doctor was trying to get me to try.

Up popped Serrapeptase again.

Not only does it work on your sinuses and cure sinus infection. It also blocks pain reception in the brain, like a cox-2 inhibitor.  Now, cholesterol lowering as well. I really was surprised.

At my next doctor’s appointment, to take the fasting blood work, I discussed this Serrapeptase with my new doctor and he gave me this perfect speech about “not medically proven to lower cholesterol.”  I let it go and thought we’ll see about this because I had also read that while the Serrapeptase is clearing out the cholesterol, it can raise your cholesterol and I was taking it when I had that first set of blood work done.

(By the way, hormones can also increase cholesterol.  New mothers and cholesterol tests are a waste of time and money. Been there, too.)

Imagine my surprise, however, when the nurse called a few days later to tell me my cholesterol was 182!

Down 32 points!!?

Serrapeptase is here to stay in my body.

You can find Serrapeptase on the shelves of your local Vitamin Shoppe.  I’m not being paid to endorse this product. I just feel this product is too good, to me, to not share with you.  It comes in a white bottle with blue and orange on the label. (I’ve ordered it cheapest from VitaCost.) (Vitamin Shoppe used to carry it (90 capsules)  for 29.95 and the last few months its been down to 17.95.)

No Statin Blocking Drugs for me. (Did you know that Statin blocking drugs block all cholesterol? Your brain needs some cholesterol!)

Joint pains? Back pains? Arthritis? High Cholesterol? Sinus Troubles? Sinus Infection?

One answer: Serrapeptase.

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