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I’ve been blogging five years now! Amazing..

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I began blogging in 2005. It took me a little thought to think of that date.  (Luckily its programmed in the html of the widget.)

I never would have thought five years and three laptops later, I’d be at the beginning of a new blogging life.  The big blog hack and crash, of 2010, has had its toll on my patience and some days its hard to remember all the hundreds of posts are not here, anymore.

I’ll continue to dig through the back doors, and bring forward some of those lost treasures.

As the holidays are in full swing around us, I almost refuse to leave my house, to sit in traffic or wait in any lines. IF I can’t have it easily, I won’t have it at all! I’m thankful for the internet and my UPS delivery guy. (And Etsy and Kaboodle!)

I’m still not adjusted to winter weather that has hit us, all at once.  I don’t tolerate cold anymore than I tolerate heat and here I am in the South.  What was I thinking moving here?  No matter what it was that I was thinking, I’m grateful for a wonderful local blogging community that includes me in their “club.”  Blessings to all my friends as they embark on the end of 2010, all in their own fashions.

I thought this post could list some of my accomplishments over the last five years, but honestly, I can’t remember them all and I’m not going to stress myself over it.

I am pleased that I’ve had stellar opportunities to go to conferences, lately, and put so many online names to faces and shake hands and hug so many people, who are dear to me.

I’m, also, very thankful for my patient friends who know so much about me, and tolerate me, anyway. :)

Its times like the holidays that I wished that all of my family lived in the same city, so we could see more of each other.

No matter what else you do today, find someone to thank, for being in your life.  Count your blessings.  Here’s to 5 more years of blogging! *cheers*

Happy Birthday CarolinaDreamz.

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