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10 Things we learned driving through Texas

  1. The daytime speed limit< for non commercial vehicles,  is 80 mph. Plan your trip accordingly and only drive in the daytime.
  2. Free wifi at every rest stop, but there are more parking spots and picnic spots than rest stops on I-10.  So don’t need to pee.
  3. It takes allll day to drive through Texas.
  4. Never go on a road trip with someone with gas. (name held to protect the guilty.) :)
  5. There are no radio stations worth listening to, if you don’t speak Spanish or live back in the 60’s.
  6. Three Four words: Jack in the Box. Tacos baby.
  7. We saw a gasoline price sign that said 7.77 cents. We don’t think they get much business.
  8. There are very few gas stations in the 80 mph zone.
  9. Make your reservations, on price line, for closer destination, so you don’t drive for 18 hours, when 12 are planned.
  10. The blackberry doesn’t change change time as you go across time zones.  What is up with that?
  11. Thanks go my brother, Gabe, for caddying up all my stuff, so I could blog to you.

I know that’s 11. That’s how we are rolling today. :)  

Anyone know how mom is? Please call me if anything has changed.


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  1. Haha, enjoyed reading that! I would like to drive through texas, will make sure I avoid the 7.77 gas station!
    Driving Bournemouth recently posted..On the spot fines

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