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5,600 miles later.. I’m home

I bet you just thought I disappeared after all that pumpkin posting.  Actually, I did.

My mother, who lives in San Diego, California, (my home town) had surgery, several weeks ago.  She was given a 1 in 5 chance of recovery.

I, quickly, went into action, and drove to Florida to pick up my brother-I-was-raised-with and we drove to California in four days.

We just walked right into her hospital room and surprised her.

She was supposed to be there 6-8 weeks and we took her home on the day of week two.

Many other things have happened between there and here and I will get to those, for you, shortly..  but right now, I have to say goodbye to my 13 year old friend and feline companion.

While I was gone, he had to have the same intestinal surgery that my mom had, but his tumor came back positive for cancer.  We are putting him down tomorrow.

So sorry I’ve been away. I’ll be back shortly.

Take care.


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One Response to "5,600 miles later.. I’m home"

  1. Mindy Jeffers says:

    Dear Heidi,

    I’d been trying to check into your website regularly to see how your mother was doing. I’m so glad she recovered so quickly and you were able to be with her! I know your and your brother’s presence was a big factor in that event.

    However, I am sorry to hear your cat has had to be let go. I know how attached we become to our pets – they are like children to us – I know I dread the day when my puppies have to leave me.

    I’m just now back at work after a three-day snow and ice break – we had school cancelled Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and came in on a two-hour delay today. I could get used to this! :o)

    Take care. Always, Mindy

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