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CDC Health Questionnaire or Identity Theft?

Over a month ago, I received a screening call, on my cell phone from the “center for disease control.” They were surveying 8,000 random people, to ask them personal questions, to improve the future of health care.

After answering questions like “Is this your cell phone?” “Are you driving right now?” “Is this cell phone the only one you own?” and “Do you own any other telephone numbers?” (Notice they didn’t ask about a land line or other phones.. creative, I thought.

After telling me that everything was confidential, I was told I could have a $10 check for my compliance, in the survey. They would put my personal information into a different computer.

At first, I wasn’t feel too comfortable that the call was legitimate. Then I wasn’t feeling it could be too private if they were sending me money, although they did offer to send the money to my favorite charity, if I’d like.

So, I started doing the numbers. The CDC doesn’t make their own money. 8,000 people times 10 dollars really irks me. Add that to the time of the phone callers, the interviewers, the screeners, the phone lists..

My life got pretty chaotic, just after this, and between being out of town and running with my head chopped off, I was never able to take the second phone call from the CDC, but I did talk with someone, at Vitamin Shoppe, that did complete the second part. She said they asked her questions like the last four digits of her social security number and her birthdate BACKWARDS.

A few of my savvy internet friends, and I surfed the internet to see if any of this was legit. We did find a legit CDC survey, but it didn’t offer any compensation.

Last week, when I was in California, I got my second call. Just after that I received another email. Supposedly they are only doing this until the end of the week, and now the compensation being offered is $40!!!

Do the Math. How does the CDC think they can spend this type of money? Our tax money. When I told the girl I was in a home nurse wound care situation and she’d have to call back, she told me they were ending it on Dec 31st. I’m pretty sure they’ve tried to call after that.

Oh C’mon! What do you think? Scam? 

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