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Blog Education Learning Overload – Ebooks I need to read (and so do you)

There are some fantastic bloggers out there that can teach you so much about “blogging better” for SEO traffic. Many are really good at interlinking their own materials and setting a standard that all bloggers should follow. Even the big foot steps can be walked in to learn styles and improve your own posts and writing.  I’m interstested in reading the all, as you should, too.

I wanted to bring three ebooks to your attention:

The first one is Kelby Carr’s Mom Blog SEO:

Mom Blog SEO includes:

  • How to find the best keyword phrases to drive the right readers for your blog
  • Tactics that take a couple minutes before each post and can dramatically increase your traffic
  • How to target the right readers and stop attracting the wrong ones
  • How to boost your Google Pagerank, the index that determines just how worthy Google considers your site when churning out search results
  • How to get your time-sensitive posts into results even when your PageRank is low or your site is new (or just moved)
  • Social search optimization, including showing up in searches on popular social networks and where results appear in Google
  • How to drive traffic and boost PageRank through social media and social networking
  • Methods for tracking results
  • A checklist to recognize signs your site is not performing well for search engines, with tips for fast fixes
  • SEO tactics specific to various moms who blog, from personal diarists and parenting blogs to niches like business and social media
  • High-speed methods to optimize your existing content to get the quickest impact for your SEO efforts
  • Tools to take advantage of your traffic boost to generate more blog income
  • Tips and success stories from real life moms who are SEO mavens

Angela England’s Making Money Blogging: Moving Beyond Ad Sales:

Making Money Blogging: Moving Beyond Ad Sales includes:

  • How to use Keyword Research that actually HELPS you make money.
  • How to tailor that keyword research for other pay models that have nothing to do with Google Adsense, to help you increase blog traffic or target a specific audience.
  • How to query print magazine editors and republish your online content in trade publications for additional income.
  • How to find paying markets to query.
  • How to brainstorm article ideas that will sell.
  • How to turn the writing you’re already doing into ebooks that will sell.
  • How to find websites to contribute to that will actually pay you. How to be successful at each and avoid the ones that aren’t worth your time!

and Angela recently reviewed Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen’s 75 Ways to Make Money Blogging: Without Selling Stuff, Overdoing the Ads or Offending Readers

In this ebook, you get:

  • 5 ways to build a better blog
  • 5 ways to advertise without offending readers
  • 5 ways to earn money from your blog (other than ads)
  • 5 reasons for low blog revenue
  • 10 tips for increasing your traffic
  • 5 ways to think like an entrepreneur
  • 5 tips for ad placement
  • 5 different types of advertisements (other than Google)
  • 5 tips from bloggers who earn more than $100,000 a year
  • 50 affiliate programs and advertising networks
  • and much more — see Table of Contents here
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    1. Kristie says:

      Thanks for this post. I am still in the learning stages of this blogging “thing”, so I am always in search of tips and tricks. I will be checking out your suggested e-reads.-Kristie

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