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Update on my Egyptian Friends – Egypt in my Heart

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I have, now, been in communication with my friends in Egypt.

I must admit that with the traveling, I’ve been disconnected from the news and I had no idea things were going on in Egypt, until someone asked me how my friends were..

I, quickly, reached one friend who was fragile with his words.  He told me he cared about Americans but he didn’t trust the American Government.  This was after he said, to me, “Why does America care?”  I did explain that I cared and I was asking and that I hadn’t heard from anyone in Egypt. (This particular Egyptian friend is not in Egypt.)

Within a day or two, internet was returned and I was able to get a few messages back and forth on Facebook. Most were simply, “Pray.”  I knew it wasn’t good but yet I still knew nothing.

Other than what you can read on the internet, I still know nothing.  I just know that the people are happy for change and they are currrently living under military law.  Their parliament and constitution have been dissolved.

I will continue to pray.  I hope they continue to communicate when they can.

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