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Rx Insurance Nightmares


Every new prescriptions and now refills are being rejected by my new insurance company, Express Scripts.

I didn’t have a choice to change to this new company.  But, they seem to think they are better at medication dispensing than my doctor.

What do I need the doctor for?  They should have a hotline that tells me what they’ll cover by my complaints, symptoms, or injury.  The jerks.

They decided, in January, the one co-pay only covered 17 days of my Ambien.  Now I have a partial refill left of 14 pills.  I got an email today, from last night’s refill request that they are not paying for that, either.

I don’t know what I’m going to do but one of my medications helps me be mobile and I hate that I’m suffering in more pain because my insurance company thinks something is better than what the doctor ordered.

I miss you, Cigna.  You did me right.

</ rant> 

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