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Friday Five – Top Evernote Links – Top Twitter Favorites

My Top Five Evernote Links this week:

Chris Brogan takes on Social Media Etiquette. This is a great post that anyone interested in Social Media should read.

Marelisa shares 32 Small Ways to Change the World.  My favorite is number 29.  Seed pills excite me, too!

Heatlh Impact New Daily has shared an interesting post about Saturate Fats, Cholesterol in the brain, relating Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and ALS, in the name of Coconut Oil. I don’t know how much of this is marketing for coconut oil.  But I found the article fascinating.

Margie Clayman shared 1 month, 30 blogging action items.

Erica Says has a great post to teach the difference between categories and tags. I wish I had read this when I first started blogging.


My Top Five Favorties on Twitter, this week

  1. “Folks, if you can’t say it in 140, Twitter isn’t for you.” (@Ninety7)
  2. “World were you really surprised by the whole fastfood oatmeal thing? Really?” (@HeatherSolos)
  3. “@HeatherSolos Your todo list would break an aircraft carrier! Don’t blame twitter….” (@carnellm)
  4. “Isn’t bacon *always* the secret ingredient?” (@mommywantsvodka)
  5. “Dear Dinner, please make yourself. Kthx” (StitchdBoutique)


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