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Sangaree BiLo Gets a FaceLift

We’ve often referred to “my BiLo” in a semi-negative way. Its just wasn’t up to the fashions of Moncks Corner or Hanahan and it was depressing. This is the only neighborhood grocery store that survived when our Wally World went Super.

I’m proud to announce (and they aren’t giving me a thing to say this) that they are having a Grand Opening on May 4, 2011.

The store is beautiful. New floors, new produce department, new machines. I’m so very impressed.

Oh and they got a facelift on the outside, too. Now “My BiLo” isn’t a dreadful thing to say. (I hope complaining to corporate last year didn’t get anyone fired. shshshs we’ll just be quiet about this, ok?)

The only downer, the booklet they sent has a super deal on Rx transfers, for fuelperks. Our store doesn’t have a pharmacy. :\ It says its good at Bacon’s Bridge Bi-Lo. Might be worth a trip there, just to get the $1 off a gallon of gas with FuelPerks. 

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