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Motherhood: My Highest Calling


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As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve been considering the calling that is Motherhood.

When I was a little girl, I only knew, for sure, that I wanted to be a mommy. I never knew, then, that I would consider it a personal calling to any little person in need.

Many exchange students, from Japan, Thailand, and Brazil, have called me “mom,” before.

I’ve assisted helpless little children in public places.. in many capacities from handing them things to helping them open doors.

Many things gross me out, but your child using my pant leg to wipe their face or nose would not offend me. Clothes wash. Hands wash.

Even when overwhelmed, I can, usually, handle a child’s dilemma. I know that children have smaller environments and their major crisis may be their biggest crisis ever, at that moment. So even if I want to go and hide, I can still pull off the consistent mom thing well.

Mother’s Day is my favorite holiday. It means more to me than my birthday. Its a day dedicated to those who have mothered me and for those who allowed me to mother them. Huge blessings.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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One Response to "Motherhood: My Highest Calling"

  1. Mindy Jeffers says:

    And Happy Mother’s Day to YOU, Heidi! You are so right – mothering is not limited to our own offspring, or immediate family. I too feel that I mother about 150 children a day in my classes, and over the years, have mothered many more, including my children’s friends, my nieces and nephews, and yes, even adult family and friends. In fact, Carole (you remember Carole?), my “bestest” friend, said one time that nurturing was one of my greatest strengths. I lost my mother seven years ago yesterday, May 5th, and buried her, as you know, the day before Mother’s Day in 2004. I miss her now more than ever – oh what I would give for another chance to talk to her. I sometimes sit in the chairs in her bedroom, listening to the birds outside her window and recall our sweet, precious times. Love, Mindy And P.S. Thank you SO much for the lovely card. I love and miss you too! :o)

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