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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – a Passed Thyroid Test.

In the last six month, I have gained 60 pounds.  60 pounds!  There is no way I’ve eaten myself 60 more pounds so rapidly.  I’m in extreme pain again.  The back spasms are back and well I’m living in bed again.

My Thyroid blood test is normal, as I expected.  I know two other cases where a bad thyroid tested normal.  The tests are simply not enough.

But they are enough for my primary physician.. Dr. Nathan Averill, Berkeley Family Practice.

Dr. Averill referred me to a pain doctor, Dr. Tavell.  Dr. Tavell is doing a series of back injections that are killing me but are part of a series that hopefully will get me out of pain. He also referred me to his chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Khouri.  Dr. Khouri took a keen interest in my case because he has seen this in another patient.  On my second visit to him, he was late, saying he found a doctor who will thinks my thyroid needs an ultrasound.  (or did I mention that I asked Dr. Averill for a consult to an endocrinologist and was told “its too premature for that”)

He handed me a card and told me the lady was waiting to talk to me.  He was so happy that I had found some help that he hugged me!

I called the number from my car.  I didn’t get to speak to this lady, but I could see her at 9am the next morning the receptionist said.  As I gave her my information, however, she informed me that I’ve been dismissed from ALL PALMETTO PRIMARY CARE OFFICES so she couldn’t make the appointment.

I went back inside and left a message for Dr. Khouri to call me and he never did.  The lady has no idea I ever tried to call.

And here I sit.  In pain.  I can’t petition palmetto primary care for anything because PH Gordon Thompson sits on the Board of Directors. I’m just stuck. He didn’t quit me.  He banned me from hundreds of doctors.  That’s extremely arrogant. 

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