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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – The latest appointment

I saw Dr. Nate Averill this week.

He told me that my pain is in my head.  He told me I had to get out of bed and set some goals for myself.  I explained that I can’t even go to the grocery store without being in so much pain I can barely make it back to my vehicle.

He said that I’m depressed and that makes my pain worse, which makes my depression worse and that I can get out of bed and do whatever I want.

I’m back to not leaving my house alone, without another driver, in case I get stuck and can’t get home.

I told him that its easy for him to say this, he won’t be the one there, when I fall to pick me up again and he told me to pick myself up.

He, obviously doesn’t understand the scope of my pain.  He said “we got you a pain doctor and there is nothing I can do for you.”

I left there and took the children to lunch which was so painful I couldn’t eat and I wanted to vomit.  Then I took them to the grocery store and we bought half of what we needed before I could barely walk and they got me out to the van, again.

I’m seriously not living.  And no medical doctor seems to care.  Here we go again. 

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