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You Must See These – Its time to be disgusted

You’ve heard about how you should see Food, Inc.  And you should.  You should also add SuperSize Me to that list of Must See’s.  But I just finished watching King Corn and if you have Netflix, you should go watch it now.  I’m amazed.  I’m not sure any food is all that great for us anymore.

We are killing ourselves one sip and bite at a time and only we can do something about this.

I stopped eating fast food a long time ago.  I’m an avid food label reader.  I live with others who demand foods i would never buy.. but they are in my refrigerator.

I <3 Dr. Pepper.  I can live on Pepsi Throwback from Publix until I can switch off the whole soda bandwagon. I’m not there, yet.  But this is ridiculous. We need to know what we are doing to ourselves.

I have doctor’s who are not listening to me.  I have doctor’s who eat fast food.  That’s very scary.

Watch it and try to save your life.

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2 Responses to "You Must See These – Its time to be disgusted"

  1. Lara says:

    I too have watched King Corn, also watch Fat Head to get the real idea of Supersize which it was rigged. Fat head is on Hulu. Corn, Flour, sugar, bread, Carbs are so into our life style that we are killing ourselves and this documentary shows how. Fat head opened up my eyes big time after watching King Corn… Also Food INC. is a good one to go with those too. The govt FDA has their thumb on the farmers of our country.. Its like the moffia!

    1. cdzsimply says:

      Amen to all you’ve said. It is like the Mafia. Borden Milk who used to label it was hormone free now has a disclaimer on the back that the FDA has found no difference between hormone and non hormone free milk. What? Does it have hormones now? It doesn’t need my business anymore. I don’t believe in ultra pasteurization. So I don’t buy organic milk anymore. But I do support non hormone milk. I was at whole foods asking questions at the meat market and the guy actually started with “the government..” and I said “whoa.. lost me already” I hope I didn’t offend him but that offends me. Thanks for your comment. ~Heidi

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