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A Mixture of Emotional Breakdown Feelings – Latest Refills

The ice cream topping to my dessert of being pissed at my latest doctors appointment surfaced yesterday.

In almost a way to control that I go to the doctor every month, my doctor doesn’t give me refills to any of my medications. They have a call-in, email, or fax system that I had  signed up for, at the first of the year.

So imagine my surprise when one of my major medications was out and not called in.

I waited til Monday, called the nurse, explained the situation, and then she called me back because I left CVS and their phone number on the recorder (the pharmacy that was required of me to have another drug, by contract, filled there, and they messed all those refills up, too,)  They said they only had Walgreen’s on my record.  I said “OK. I’ll go to Walgreen’s.”

Isn’t that stupid?  Its not my job to have my regular medications filled when he won’t give me even one refill and I’m required to see him.  After he requires that I see him, he treats me, while I’m there, like I made the appointment and there is nothing wrong or different with me so I’m wasting his time.  WTH? He tells me that  there is nothing he can do for me, nothing to prescribe for me (my refills would’ve been nice) and then tells me my pain is in my head!

I’m a bit concerned.  I don’t go back now for 3 months.  c’mon sing with me.  I can’t believe he’s letting me go 3 months!  The world won’t end for 3 more months.  BUT, my handicapped placcard expires July 2nd and if he keeps saying my pain is in my head, I doubt he’ll renew it.

Clearly, I must find a new doctor. (I remember now why I left my doctor before this.  He made me go monthly for my B12 injections at $20 copays each (to have a nurse give me a shot in a hallway.) This doctor prescribes them for a whopping $2.83.)

I don’t always use disabled parking, but there are times when there is no other choice if I’m going to leave the house.  Those times are golden and necessities to life. 

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