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An 800 pound Gorilla wants to pee in my Cheerios

The best way to explain it is to copy/paste the emails to you, removing all the guilty party logos, names, and email addresses.  Then  you tell me what you think.

First, you’ve heard of right? is a Public Feed Reader.  I enjoy gathering my Feeds to read there, so I can easily categorize and read for the curating I do.  I made a mistake, though.  I decided to make a genealogy one and name is after my genealogy site .com and well, umm, that might just make this an dirtier pee than I’m thinking, right now.

Okay, here we go:

Hello Heidi

(name deleted to protect the gorilla) here from (name deleted to protect the gorilla).  I’ve had several inquiries via email this morning about the feeds at Family Hugz.)(** note ** The Collected Site is not the Family Hugz site I own.)

I don’t believe that I’ve given permission for my blog (Gorilla) to have its content used in this manner especially replicating my posts in their entirety.  I’m requesting that you remove the (Gorilla) feed from this site as soon as you can.

Also, there was no contact information on the FamilyHugz site which led several people to believe it was a splogging site.  I used my genealogy research skills and the name carolinadreamz to locate your email.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss this and why the genealogy bloggers are so adamant about their intellectual property and how it is used by others. (**I am one of those bloggers**)

And, if other bloggers want their feeds removed, can I have them contact you?


Now, at this point, I’m thinking what the heck have I done because Family Hugz hasn’t scraped any content and hasn’t been updated in a while either.  Then I noticed it was  A Feed Reader is being called “your site.”

I’ll go on.. My reply was simple and let him know I’m a blogger and what is:

Hello (blank), is a feed reader.  IF your feed is being published there it is because your feeds are set to full feed.  I will remove you from that reader but this is going to continue to happen in everyone’s readers.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. If you are not interested in feeding a full feed, you need to change your settings.

Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau
(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.·(¯`·._.· Have a Great Day! ·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯)·._.·´¯)
Heidi Jeffers Thibodeau
Blogger Virtual Assistant, Freelance Writer, Family Historian
Socialize and find her personal blogz at Carolina

I thought, at this point, after removing the entire site, completely, the matter was resolved. I sent my full contact info so he could see I was legitimate and knew what I was doing and felt the same way, as a blogger, myself.  I was wrong:

Sorry Heidi, that is not how it works.  I still have control over my intellectual property and can deem how it will or will not be used by others.

I use a full feed because mobile users had complained that it was easier to have a full feed – this was of course before many blogs had apps and templates for Smart Phones and other devices.

Please do not blame technology for your inability to follow and understand copyright law and Fair Use.  Please see a recent post at (removed)blaming-technology-splogging/) about this subject.  You will note that a very well-known blogger whose subject matter is technology for teachers dealt with the same issue and there was quite a hub bub in the blogging community about it.

It is your burden to use technology that respects my copyright and not the other way around.


So, I’m now thinking, “dude, I removed it. I deleted the whole site.  Why are we doing this?:

I am a blogger.  I respect everyone’s intellectual property the same way that I would want mine respected.

I would suggest that you bring up your argument with I did not paste your posts into this page.



The only thing I added to that now deleted site was your RSS feed. is pulling it

Clearly, this man is thinking like a web site owner not a blogger and doesn’t understand that his RSS feed is the permission I had to put it into a reader.  I had never done more than read his blog, in that reader, and go to the site if I was to comment or such..  Nothing of his was stripped.  Anyone can click to get to his site and everyone can see where it came from. It was just a collection of six genealogy blogs I liked to read.

However, then I got this:

I will do that.  You still have control over what you add to the site that you have created however.  Again, blaming the technology is not helping your case.

I would hate to see it come down to me having to file a DMCA complaint and that is why I simply asked that you remove my RSS feed.  RSS feeds are merely a content delivery system – the content is still intellectual property:

I was not republishing his content.  But it was nice of him to find me a post to read about what I wasn’t doing.  I guess.  I simply replied:

The only thing I added to that now deleted site was your RSS feed. is pulling it

Now.  After I deleted it, I was threatened with being reported.  There are some real content thieves out there that they can spend all this time on. I am simply not one of them.

I am publishing this so you can beware of this circumstance in case you come under fire of being peed on by an 800 pound gorilla..


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8 Responses to "An 800 pound Gorilla wants to pee in my Cheerios"

  1. All I can say is WOW…. Really?

    If this person is so concerned about intellectual property then they should NOT set their content up to have an RSS feed to begin with. Good grief… I hope the 800 lb gorrila does pee in their cheerios. LOL
    James Moffitt recently posted..Crisis of faith

  2. You know how anti-content-theivery I am but this person is clearly not understanding how collected works. It’s just another feed reader….like Google feeds or any other type of feed reader. Except collected collates the posts so I always see the most recent.

    Will they attack every RSS subscriber they have systematically or what?

    What’s hilarious is the assumption that you need to be educated about geneologists and bloggers. Lol!

  3. Shell says:

    Oh, he obviously had NO CLUE! LOL

  4. Shawn Skeel says:

    You don’t control the feed and obviously the guy needs a refresher class. I would have been more obnoxious about it..but I am not as good about keeping my cool as you are.

  5. MommaDJane says:

    And did you send him a link to this post? LOL…. Clueless man. Some people just get on a high horse and will never admit a wrong. Ever…
    MommaDJane recently posted..Dutch Branch Park and Duck Pond Fun

  6. MommaDJane says:

    also, if he doesn’t want people reading his feed he should either delete his feed or take down his site and sale his words in print or via ebooks if they are so special. You were doing him a favor by allowing your feed to be public for others to find good content which apparently you thought at one time his content was worthy enough to go into your feed. Sheesh, some people will bite the hand that feeds them.

  7. cdzsimply says:

    Thank you, all, for these comments. I had just thought about if I should have sent this link to him or not and decided he wouldn’t get it, so I didn’t. Ignorance amazes me.. especially for someone so educated and knowledged (is that a word?) of his subject.

    This gorilla is a MAJOR GENEALOGY Blogger. Anyone in genealogy knows them, reads them, and admires their work. Sad. ~Heidi

  8. […] fashion, but it seriously upset me.  I was part of a series, here, that direct relates to this 800 pound gorilla.  I’ll let you be the […]

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