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Why is it acceptable to have Insurance companies prescribe our medications?

Its no secret that in January, I had to get new medical insurance. It was part of an acquisition.

So, I’ve dealt with their denials of filling many prescriptions that I and my doctor had agreed that I needed.  I’d dealt with their letters suggesting another medication that they feel is better or, more like they’ll allow (pay for.)

Now, after last week and I finally got my medication, that my doctor didn’t call in for me, that he won’t give me refills for, as if that’s insurance that I’ll make my not needed appointments to him, every month…

the insurance company would not pay for it.

They claim that its a “maintenance medication” and I must get them 90 days, at a time, from them, directly.

Now what do I do?  The doctor has now called it in with five refills.. says he doesn’t want to see me until August..  and my handicap placcard expires July 2nd??

The lady, at the insurance company said that they could get the ball rolling by contacting the doctor directly and telling him that they require this 90 day prescription.

By the way, this medication that they are requiring this for.. is the one THAT THEY REQUIRED we use instead of the one that the doctor prescribed.

I’m pleased they waived another month so I don’t have to keep going without the medicine.. but this is so ridiculous.  What is wrong with a pharmacy filling your prescriptions?

What happened?  What have we done to our medical lives?  And its only going to get worse.

I’m already going without my two needed nasal allergy sprays  because together they are a $300/mo co-pay.

None is of this is right and yet we have no choices.  Having insurance is breaking my bank account. 

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2 Responses to "Why is it acceptable to have Insurance companies prescribe our medications?"

  1. Mindy Jeffers says:

    So sorry, Heidi, once more for all your troubles – insurance used to be a godsend – a true help when we needed it, but apparently something changed drastically over the last twenty years or so. I tried to investigate the weightloss surgery and was denied – because my school system chose not to take that “option.” Huh? Now we can exclude certain illnesses? Somehow that little fact wasn’t mentioned when I signed on. Just this past month I finally gave up fighting with them about the bill from the ambulance that brought Michael home to die with him hooked up to two respirators at once – they told me the ambulance was an “unnecessary expense” because I could have brought him home myself! My car doesn’t have equipment for respirators and a bed – he was NEVER without oxygen forced air the last two weeks of his life! I just went ahead and paid them and said good riddance to bad rubbish. Just a possibility about the handicapped placard – I just took mine to the DMV and they renewed it automatically – no doctor’s letter required. They assume if you ever had one, the situation is permanent. Take care. Always, M

    1. cdzsimply says:

      Hi Mindy. I have my dr’s prescription for the disabled parking permit but what disabled person can go sit at the DMV. Our DMV mails them now with a picture on them. My are only temporary for one year.. they told me “we think you’ll get better” for many years now. The jerks. I’m sorry you had to give in and pay what you shouldn’t have owed. I just had to do that on Matthew’s oral surgeon to remove his wisdom teeth.. what a billing mess that place has. Morgan’s went just fine and is done with and I still have no idea what i owe for Matthew’s actual teeth removal.. they haven’t even attempted to bill any insurance company so I can get an EOB. Makes me wanna yell at someone.

      I’m going to be traveling, here, shortly. soul searching. I’d love to see you. Maybe next Saturday? Maybe Saturday after next? I miss you. ~H

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