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Strike Three – You’re Out!

My medical doctor has a serious problem. I have a serious problem because of it. I’m out of options of where to go for primary care so I’m avoiding primary care.

First Strike: My medical doctor had me sign a contract that said I would only get my Ambien from him and only at CVS pharmacy near my home.
When I called for a refill and waited three or four days for it to be called in, I happened to send my son to the Walgreens to get some other prescriptions, for me… and guess what else he brought home? My Ambien. Who broke that contract?

Strike Two: My insurance company only allows two months of maintenance medications at my local pharmacy of choice and then I must get a 90 day Rx and use mail order, through them. My doctor called in my prescription for 1/2 its dosage and I paid the co-pay for 1/2 the amount I needed for 90 days, without realizing it. Its up for renewal now and I don’t know if they can even be trusted to call it in right.

Strike Three: Last week, I went to pick up my vial of injectable vitamin B12. The pharmacy told me that the doctor had not responded to my refill need for the syringe to put it into my body! Have you ever heard of something so absurd? So I kindly said to the pharmacy tech, “you are going to sell me this without a way to get it into my body?” and they fixed it with a pharmacist and I went on my way.

Two days later, my medical doctors nurse called me to say that the doctor wants to know who prescribes my injectable medication. I was stunned and simply said, “he does.” She seemed confused. I told her not to worry about it because the pharmacy fixed it.

Now doesn’t my medication record show which pharmacy they made me contract, how much of a medication I’ve been prescribed, and what they prescribe for me?

I need a new doctor and it can’t be in the Palmetto Primary Care Group. Or so I found out, recently.

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One Response to "Strike Three – You’re Out!"

  1. kayren Reiter says:

    What DOES the medical and pharmaceutical kknow about the human body????

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