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Brain Blue Screen of Death

I think I’ve figured out why these accounts keep going down each month.  For some reason they was no monthly contract to pay for the hosting.  I’ve fixed that.

My brain can’t seem to keep up. It is like the blue screen of death.  It hurts to think about it.  Come to think of it maybe all of these stressful things I haven’t figured out yet may be causing my daily headaches.

Who knows?

I wish life could be put into a tiny little box of things I could go through to fix all of the things my brain can’t keep up with.

I read the first chapter of a great book, that a doctor gave to me, that explained why my brain doesn’t work like a computer.  I wish I knew what the book was called so I could read the rest of the book.  That chapter was so good.

The problem is that I want my brain to work like a computer.  IF it can have a blue screen of death, why can’t it work like a computer? :) 

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