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Living withing Reach

I’ve considered over and over if I should write this post. I’ve been giving a lot about my personal life away, lately, for the sake of honesty and integrity in blogging and hoping that others out there don’t think that they are alone, in any way.

I live within reach.

This means that everything I may need or want has to be within reach of me.

I fell off the bed, the other night, trying to reach for something.  I yelled “help” for over an hour, before someone in my house, woke up for other reasons and could hear me.  Helping me up was torture and only added to my pain, but I’m okay.

But, this only re-enforces the idea of living within reach..  Except for when I was on the floor I’m in reach of two telephones.  My cell phone recently died for no reason and I was unable to open it to get the battery out to reset it.  This makes this beta land line extremely important for times when I am left alone, which is all night and the day until about 2pm.  Its very hard, but I manage, within reach.

I have my wallet, bottled water, dr pepper in bottles so they close and not spill, my computer, the phones, medications and supplements, books, remote controls, screen (phone and laptop) wipes, wash cloths, extra pillows, lotion, other snacks and 8 million other things that wouldn’t interest you., as they arrive, within reach.  The only thing I need to make this a full kitchen sink is unscented baby wipes(if you plan to visit, haha), and I’m working on that. :)

IF you live within reach, please know you are not alone.  Some others of us are right there with you and living within reach is necessary sometimes in your life.  This is just short-term for me.. but some people live like this.  Please be considerate of others in a way of not knowing how they live and what they withstand within their own homes.

Oh, in case you are interested I am just going into the second round of pain from back rhizotomy (nerve burning).  Right side hasn’t started to hurt, yet (the left was the bad side so recovery from the right side might be easier) so the left side still has a chance to heal some more.  I’m considering back surgery while these nerves are dead. It might make the process of recovery hurt less.  who knows, right?

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