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My own Pharmaceutical Situation

Before my Gastric Bypass, in 2003, we were spending hundreds of dollars, each month, on my pharmaceutical drugs.

This reduction in the monthly cost was the biggest benefit of the surgery and recovery.

No more blood pressure pills. I was taking three of them each month.  No more a lot of things

I know you’ve heard me complain, here, about statin drugs.. and how they scare me.  Well guess who is on Lipitor now?

Because my medication was one to dissolve in the duodenum part off the intestine (which is why some of your pharmaceutical medications say to take on an empty stomach) I was having trouble with my pain pharmaceutical medications that were extended release.  Especially the one that needed my duodenum that I didn’t have.

So, the other day, we saw the PA again, to re-evaluate my pain situation and talk about my pharmaceutical drugs.

She put me on a patch and gave me a coupon card for it.

Well, here’s the down-low. haha   WITH the secondary pharmaceutical savings card, this medication was still over $60.  Then the second month savings is only for $40, so that will cost $100 to pick up that pharmaceutical drug.  And the month after that, in the $140’s.

Now, this may really help my pain.    But extremely hurt my pocket book when its the 20th pharmaceutical prescription I’m taking right now.  I take pills all day long and I’m not old yet.

I wonder if its a controlled substance. I really love my pharmacy insurance company’s 90 day supply for a 2 month co-pay.  I doubt this fits into that.. AGAIN. Gastric Bypass (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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