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Transdermal Patch equals non-stick

Years ago, I used to live on a transdermal Duragesic/Fentanyl pain patch.  I had tons of trouble with the adhesive.  It had to have the side taped..  the glue inflamed my skin, etc.  It was a patch you change every three days.

Well, my medical pain has advanced, now.  I am now in the process of trying another new transdermal patch, that isn’t generic, like the one I mentioned below.  This, with a savings card, cost over $60.

Now imagine my surprise, this morning (less than 24 hours later) that the patch was almost completely off my skin???

Now what is wrong with this picture.  Another pharmaceutical nightmare or a non-latex issue.

I ordered this biofilm stuff from the pharmacy. You have probably seen it covering an IV in the hospital.  It doesn’t need a prescription, but its not available. It has to be ordered and they said Monday.

Now the first aid tape we put around the edges of the patch have failed.  I just had TheBoy wrap the whole patch with an ace bandage.  We are going to keep this dang thing on.  I need it.

Oh, btw, I got a voicemail that they were changing me off the patches onto another Extended Release medication.  What part of duodenum bypass do they not understand.  I can’t do 12 or 24 hour medications.. It makes Zyrtec-D a ton of fun, too.

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  So much fun.

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2 Responses to "Transdermal Patch equals non-stick"

  1. Mindy Jeffers says:

    Dear Heidi,

    I just checked in to catch up on your news and saw that you are now almost completely bedridden, and not able to walk – I understand you wanted to walk in the ALS March but weren’t able to, and I deeply appreciate that gesture.

    I wanted to offer Michael’s power chair to you, if you want it – it is at a mobility store here in Evans, GA, because I had planned to just sell it, but I would rather you’d have it, if you need it. It does need two batteries (apparently, it operates on two instead of one), which, unfortunately, cost around $200 each. The chair originally,cost,however, $25,000, so it is a very “well-equipped” piece of equipment, meant to handle most kinds of terrain.

    The store is called Georgia-Carolina Mobility, Inc., and is at 4405 Evans-to-Lock Rd., Evans, GA 30809, number 706-228-7977. I will tell them you are interested in getting it if I hear from you.

    Take care, Always, M

    1. cdzsimply says:

      *tears* Thank you so much Mindy. How do I get it from the store? I appreciate you so much. I love you even more. I sincerely need it. I don’t know how to transport it, though. I have a trailer that can only run in South Carolina. I could chance Augusta.. or rent something. I don’t want to call you .. its 10 pm.. but that might be a good time for you .. I just hope to not wake you.. I’ll try and I’m sorry if I wake you. Love, Heidi

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