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Twins everywhere??

Okay.  I had my children very early in life and now that I’m slightly over fortyy, I’m thankful to my children for being so devout that they have not made me a grandmother, as it seems all my friends from one of my past lifetimes seem to have become.

But what is with all the stars over 40 having twins?  They swear that they are not using fertility treatments but I’m calling big BS.

Its just coincidental that they all are having them?  I. say. not.

I always wanted to have twins. I had close stair steps and I think twins would have been easier.  Probably not.

I once dated a guy who was A widower with 3 month old twins at home (and a two year old.)

I was in love with his babies.

He was a turd.  Poor children.

You see, he had  a previous marriage and older children. He remarried after losing his first wife and started a new little family with his second wife who passed in child birth.

I’m calling Karma dude and you shouldn’t have shut the door on me, locked it (so I could hear) and turned out the porch light as I tried to get down your stairs, in the middle of the night, 2 hours from my home.  Turd.

Oh and may I add he was in my town, on business the next month and called and asked me to dinner, again.

No. I did not go, in case you were wondering.  Even free food isn’t worth sitting with a turd who never let me hold a baby.

So, back to the celebs.. wait, I just felt some rush of liquid onto my body, as I lay here typing and now the drink is all over the bed and me and its 3:25am.  So guess what I get to do now?

Still calling BS on lying about fertility treatments that I admire for couples who really need it.

Lying celebs suck. I don’t understand why they are denying it. You have twins. Rejoice. And share. dammit. 

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